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How A Disk Brake Conversion Can Benefit Your Classic Vehicle

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Classic cars and trucks often did not have the best brakes when they left the factory. The technology at the time was limited, but an auto front disc brake conversion kit can allow you to upgrade those brakes and provide some benefits that make the car safer, easier to drive, and easier to maintain.

Safety And Driveability

Classic cars often have full steel frames, heavy steel bodies, and outweigh modern vehicles by hundreds of pounds. These cars and trucks road great, but the technology at the time did not allow the manufacturers to build cars that perform like cars today.

When restoring these older cars and trucks, it is common to add larger engines and modern drivetrain parts that add horsepower and speed to the car, and updating the brakes is essential. Installing a front disc brake conversion kit offers the additional braking power necessary to slow the car down and keep it under control even during emergency braking.

Several manufacturers offer kits that allow you to add features like large-diameter vented rotors and four-piston calipers, and antilock braking to your car for improved safety. Some brake conversion kits use parts from current production cars to make buying replacement parts easier when it comes time to maintain the system or replace the brake pads.

Kit Selection

When considering a front disc brake conversion kit for your classic car or truck, you need to start by finding a conversion kit that will fit your vehicle. If you still have the stock front axle and suspension on the car, you need a kit that includes the brackets and conversion parts for that axle.

These kits may include all the parts to add the upgraded brakes, or they may only come with brackets, lines, and the necessary components that allow you to put specific rotors and calipers on the vehicle. The cost of the kit will often depend on how complete it is, so look at all the options before you choose a kit for your car to ensure you find one in your budget range that is easy to install. 

If you have a welder and are comfortable fabricating custom parts, you may want a front disc brake conversion kit limited to the brackets and a few parts you can weld on or make work on your car. If you go this way, it is critical to ensure the conversion meets the legal requirements for equipment on street-driven vehicles in your area. Cars that must undergo safety inspections may be scrutinized more carefully when customized, and the inspector may have questions about the parts, kit, or installation, so be prepared to go over it with them.