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Should I Buy A Refurbished Transmission From A Used Car Parts Store?

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The transmission is an important part of your vehicle. However, when your transmission is damaged, it can be very expensive to replace your old transmission with a new one given that new transmissions cost thousands of dollars. However, if you obtain a used transmission that has been refurbished, you may save a substantial amount of money.

The Role of the Transmission

The transmission is an essential part of your car. Without a transmission, you'll not be able to shift gears. Therefore, when hunting for a refurbished transmission, it's important to know what you'll need to look for.

How to Find the Right Transmission

Make sure to learn as much as you can about your vehicle. For example, you will need to know the year, make, model, and trim. You must learn about the type of engine to determine whether the engine is compatible with the refurbished transmission you will be purchasing. You'll also need to consider whether the engine is a four-wheel, all-wheel, front-wheel, or 4x4. 

Make Sure the Used Transmission is Inspected

You won't have to worry about purchasing a refurbished transmission because it will be inspected by a professional to make sure that the transmission is not defective before it's placed on the market. You will also receive a warranty and will be able to contact customer service if there is anything wrong with it. 

How to Inspect the Transmission

The used transmission will need to be checked for any leaks. A transmission uses transmission fluid and will not be able to operate if the transmission has a leak. Make sure to check the body of the transmission for any cracks. Make sure the exterior doesn't have any rust. Fortunately, a mechanic might be able to repair any leaks before the transmission is installed in your vehicle.

Make sure to learn about the history of the transmission and whether the transmission ever had to be serviced. While the history of the transmission can be helpful, you'll also want to have it inspected by an expert. For example, they will check the transmission to determine how much fluid it can hold and will make sure that the transmission shifts smoothly. 

Save Money with Used Car Parts

Fortunately, there are numerous reputable dealers that sell used transmissions and various other types of used car parts. By using car parts that have been refurbished, you'll be able to save money while repairing your car.

For more information on how to buy used auto parts, contact a professional near you.