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Used Auto Parts You Can Buy When Making Repairs To Your Car Or Truck

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Buying used car parts to use as replacement parts for your vehicle can save you money and, in some cases, make more sense than new ones. The used parts market is filled with potential replacement parts, and they are easy to find if you know where to look. 

Body Parts

Vehicles that have been in collisions or have rust damage may need body repair, and sometimes you can find a used door, fender, hood, or other body panels that you can purchase from a used car parts dealer or salvaged operator that is inexpensive, in good condition, and complete. A used car door, for instance, may still have the glass in it, have all the interior parts, like the window controls, on it, and be ready to bolt on in place of the damaged one.

If you search the area, you might find one the same color as your vehicle and will look great without having to paint the panel after it is on the car. In some cases, replacement body panels are a better option than new ones for vehicles with minor damage and allow you to make the repair yourself, saving labor and further reducing the repair cost.

Glass Parts

When you need a new window or some other glass for your vehicle, you can sometimes find one at a salvage yard with other used car parts, and many are still in excellent condition. Removing the glass from the donor car can be tricky, but if you know how to do it, or the salvage yard will do it for you, it may be worth the effort from the lower price. 

A windshield that costs hundreds of dollars when it’s new may be a fraction of that in a salvage yard, but you need to look over the glass carefully before going that route. If there is any damage to the used glass, removal, and installation will often put pressure on the glass that could cause it to fail. Most auto glass installation services will not recommend using recycled glass for repairs, but some installers will put it in for you if you purchase the window or windshield. 

General Replacement Parts

When using used car parts for repairs, you may find most of the running gear, electrical, and other parts on a car at the local salvage yard. However, it is essential that you take the time to evaluate the used parts carefully before you use them.

Not all the used car parts you find are in good shape, so if you purchase parts this way, ask about replacement parts for anything that does not work when you install it. The process is often more challenging than replacing parts with new ones, but if your budget or the availability of new car parts makes used car parts more practical, they can be a great option.