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Leaky Water Pump: Things To Know About Your Car's Cooling System

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Your car's engine depends upon a constant, regulated flow of coolant to maintain temperature, prevent overheating, and protect against thermal damage. However, what happens when your water pump starts malfunctioning? One of the most subtle signs of trouble with a water pump is leaking. Often, in the earliest stages, water pump leaks are small, with just some drips. Over time, they worsen until you find yourself with low coolant levels and an overheating engine. Here's a look at what you need to know about water pump leaks on your car.

Connection Basics

In order to fully understand the risks of water pump leaks, you need to understand how your water pump connects to your car's engine. The pump mounts to your engine block with a gasket, securing the pump to the engine cooling system. Then, a series of hoses attach to the pump and the radiator. Those hoses are used to circulate coolant through the engine as needed to maintain the proper engine temperature. When your water pump starts leaking and your engine is low on coolant, you may notice that your engine starts gradually running warmer before it ultimately overheats.

Gasket Vulnerability

One of the most common places for an engine's water pump to leak is around the gasket that secures the pump to the engine. Whether the gasket deteriorates over time or is damaged due to poor engine maintenance, a failing gasket will allow coolant to blow past the mounting surface and leak out of the engine. If you catch the problem soon enough, you can often clean the mounting surface, replace the gasket, and resolve the issue. However, if you run your engine out of coolant, you may destroy the pump and have to replace it as well as the gasket.

Coolant Hose Connection Issues

Sometimes, your water pump leaks at the connection site of the coolant hoses. When those hoses attach, they are typically clamped onto the nipples of the pump. Those clamps can sometimes come loose, or the hoses may crack. These things can lead to leaks from the water pump as the coolant passes through. It's important for you to monitor the condition of your water pump's connections and coolant hoses to ensure that they are in good shape and free of leaks. Otherwise, you'll need to work with your auto repair technician to replace the damaged hoses or secure the clamps.

These are some of the most important things to consider when you're dealing with a leaky water pump. Talk with a mechanic for help with a variety of repairs, such as BMW water pump leaks.