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Are You Considering Buying Used Car Parts From A Salvage Yard? Learn What Fees You Need To Consider When Making A Decision

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Buying used car parts from a salvage yard is typically much cheaper than buying parts directly from the manufacturer or even using after market parts. However, It is always important that you price out the two before deciding which is the better option for you. As you price out used car parts from a salvage yard, it is important to keep in mind that different salvage yards charge different fees for different things. Learning what fees may be charged can help you determine what salvage yard you may want to go to or how much you can really save buying used parts. 

Entry Fees

Some salvage yards or pick and pull lots charge entry fees. This means that you will pay a small fee to enter the lot and look around. The amount of this fee and how much it works varies based on the lot itself. In some cases, some lots will apply the fee to any parts you buy, while others charge the fee separately from anything else you purchase. Some places charge a per person fee, while others charge a per family or group fee. Before you head out to a lot, always know whether the particular lot or yard you are going to charges entry fees and how they work. 

Tools or Part Pulling Fees

When you are going to a salvage yard, you typically have to remove or pull the parts off of the salvaged or junk car yourself. As such, it is recommended that you bring the right tools with you. However, mistakes happen and you may forget the tool you need or you simply may not have the tool on hand. When this happens, some lots will charge you a fee to borrow their tools, while others will pull the part for you, for a fee. Always find out how much this is in case you forget a tool or don't have it. 

The Price of the Parts

Lastly, always find out how a salvage yard you are considering using charges for their parts. Some companies charge a flat fee for every single part that can be taken off a car. Others will charge you based on the weight of the car. Others take the time to determine fair market value for the part and then discount it by a percentage because it is used. If you are looking to save money, you will want to find a lot that offers the cheapest prices on their parts. 

Not every salvage or junk yard operates the same. There can be major differences in how fees are calculated at one lot verses another. Learning what fees you will be charged can help you determine what lot you want to go to and will help you accurately price out the cost of a new part versus a used one if you are decding between the two options.