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Beyond Price: Further Advantages Of Used Cars

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Many people think that the only advantage of buying a used car is that you get to spend as little money as possible on the purchase. Well, that is certainly an advantage, but it isn't the only one; here are further advantages of purchasing a used car for sale:

It Helps You to Enjoy Low Auto Insurance Premiums

There are many factors that determine car insurance coverage, and one of them is the value of the car. An expensive car is expensive to insure because replacing it will also be expensive. Not only that, but repairing an expensive car (and new cars are more expensive than old ones) is also more expensive than repairing a cheap (read used) car. Therefore, buying a used car usually translates into low auto insurance premiums.

Better Resale Value

The first few years in the life of a car are its worst as far as its value is concerned. In fact, a car's value starts dropping as soon as it is driven off the dealership, even if it hasn't suffered any damage. The rate of depreciation slows down considerably after some time. This means that you will lose more money by driving a brand new car and selling it after a few years than you will lose by buying a used car and selling it after a few years.

It Allows You to Enjoy Luxury Cars

Most people find it expensive to buy luxury cars due to their expensive costs. However, because new cars depreciate faster than used cars, you can usually snag a not-so-used car at a reasonable price. You can usually buy a used luxury car for the price of a brand new standard car.

Less Ownership Stress

If you have ever owned a brand new car, then you know how stressful it can be. This is even more so if you are one of those people who are prone to worry. Every small ding, every paint scratch, and every fender bender will leave you panicking about the damage to your brand new car. This is even more so because such "small" issues can affect the resale value of a new car tremendously. You don't have to live such a stressful life if you have a used car because it has probably undergone such mishaps. Even if it hasn't, its resale value will not suffer much because it is, well, a used product,

Easier To Buy Cash

Lastly, the fact that a typical used car is way cheaper than its brand new counterpart means that it is easier to save for the used version and buy it with cash. This allows you to avoid the high-interest rates that car financiers often put on their loans. It also allows you to avoid lender restrictions, such as the type of insurance coverage to have for your car.