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3 Reasons You DO Need A New Garage Door Opener That Has Seemingly Slight Issues

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For the most part, your garage door opener works. You may have to occasionally jiggle some wires or manually push open the door to get the thing to start moving. You may even have to hit the button a few times before it will close. These issues that your older garage door opener is having may seem like not that big of a deal because you don't want to spend the money just yet. However, when your garage door opener is at a point when it has obvious issues because it is wearing out, it is a much safer bet to go ahead and replace it. There are some really good reasons why that is the case. 

A faulty garage door opener can actually be a home security threat. 

Old garage door openers can have all kinds of quirks, some of which are just downright weird. For example, if the thing has a short in the wiring or problems with the relay, you could hit the button one too many times and the door will not open until you've already went back in the house. Unfortunately, this means that you could inadvertently leave your garage wide open for easy access to any crook who wants to stop in and take a peek at what you have. 

A faulty garage door opener puts unnecessary stress on your garage door and its working parts. 

How many times have you seen the garage door go halfway down and pop back open or get stuck in the middle of closing? have you had to pull and tug on the garage door to get it to shut? These things can put your garage door under more stress than it should be in, which means you may face problems with parts like the torsion strings if you don't get the opener fixed or replaced. 

A faulty garage door opener can actually be a little dangerous. 

If your garage door opener goes haywire, it could easily try to close when you are halfway through the garage door opening in your car. Closing and opening unexpectedly is one of the traits of a garage door opener that has major issues with the sensor system along the sides of the door sending adequate messages to the relay, and this can definitely be a worrisome thing. Even if it means you have to manually open and close your garage door temporarily, it is best to disconnect an automatic opener if it has this kind of problem. 

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