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Disproving Several Myths About Auto Air Conditioning Hose Problems

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Without a functioning air conditioning system, your car can become extremely hot within minutes. Unfortunately, automotive air conditioning systems can be extremely vulnerable to suffering damages that can prevent these systems from cooling the interior of your vehicle. More precisely, the hoses of these systems can be vulnerable to becoming damaged.

Myth: It Is Impossible To Detect The Location Of Leaks In Air Conditioning Hoses

Leaks are among the more common sources of problems that automotive air conditioning hoses are likely to experience. When leaks develop, the hoses will allow the refrigerant that cools the air to leak out of the system. While you might think that finding a leak in these hoses will be impossible, it is a fairly routine task for a professional repair technician. One of the more effective ways of doing this will be to pressurize the hoses so that refrigerant will start to spray from any leaks in the hoses or other components.

Myth: Damaged Auto Air Conditioning Hoses Must Be Replaced

When your air conditioning hoses have become damaged, you may naturally assume that the only way to repair these hoses will be to replace them. While replacing the air conditioning hoses will be a viable option, it is far from the only way that this damage can be remedied. If the holes causing the leaks are fairly small, it may be possible to repair them with a simple patch. These patches will be applied to the hoses with a durable all-weather adhesive that will prevent the refrigerant from being able to leak. These kits are typically limited to repairing holes that are an inch or less in size, which makes it important to patch any leaks soon after they develop so that the hole will not have time to worsen.

Myth: You Can Not Protect Your Hoses Against Damages And Wear

Issues with your automotive air conditioning hoses can be very inconvenient problems to experience. Due to the fact that these hoses will be difficult to reach, it can be easy to assume there is no way to protect the hoses against common damages. Yet, there are several ways that you can reduce the likelihood of your air conditioning hoses suffering serious problems. For example, you should always use the manufacturer's recommended refrigerant. Also, flushing the air conditioning system can remove impurities from the system before they can start to degrade the hoses. In addition to flushing the air conditioning system, you may also want to have the system professionally tested each spring so that problems with the motors or other components can be identified and repaired.

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